Names are messengers. They fly around the world to tell the extraordinary stories they represent.

The genesis of the name stems from a precise reference to Silicon Valley, which in California represents the digital capital par excellence, and of which the Italian version becomes the declined version in the world of beauty.

The parallel between the two sectors is also made even more consistent by the fact that today beauty is born from a skilful mix of cosmetic science and industrial activities increasingly connected with digital high technology.

Moreover, the area where Beauticon Valley® was established and has taken root is in fact a large valley stretching from the province of Brescia.

The graphic logo accompanying the name represents a stylised lioness. This symbol contains a precise reference to the city of Brescia, historically known as the 'Lioness of Italy' for merits acquired in its history. On the head of the Lioness is a crown with three precious stones: a green emerald, a white diamond, and a red ruby. An obvious symbolic reference to the tricolour of the Italian flag.

The name 'Beauticon Valley' and its logo were designed for the occasion by international naming specialist and multidisciplinary artist Maurizio Sangineto (SANGY). An ideal 'seal' for a reality that during its history had in fact acquired a clear territorial recognition as an appreciated industrial sector.

Maurizio Sangineto
Naming Specialist

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