Pharmaceutical-grade protocols and constant university scientific validation tests for one purpose: to always only offer the highest quality.

50 unique technologies to ensure maximum production automation and provide maximum product performance and safety.

The quality of all products coming out of the group's individual divisions is guaranteed by pharmaceutical-grade protocols, tests performed in collaboration with some of the most prestigious university laboratories, and numerous certifications of quality and excellence such as ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, EN 22716:2007, and SGS 6371/MI, which attest to the constant monitoring of quality and safety at the highest level.

The Certificate of Excellence in Production certifies that the BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding partner companies are leaders in the production of cosmetics for professional use and comprise more than 40 production plants, making up a reality of excellence, using some of the most advanced, exclusive, and modern technologies in the world.

The machinery used for production is manufactured using more than 50 unique technologies to ensure maximum hermetically sealed production automation according to pharmaceutical-grade protocols and to provide maximum product performance and safety.

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