The Story

From a small local company to the Capital of Cosmetics.
A dream come true.

Saying BEAUTICON VALLEY® means telling the story of a dream that began over 60 years ago in Brescia, thanks to the determination of its founder Giancarlo Negretti.

A vision that was almost at the limits of the impossible for those times and in that context, but which gradually consolidated to become a leading player in the Italian industrial panorama of professional hair care products.

But it is under the leadership of Giannantonio Negretti, who has been at his father's side in the company since a very young age, that the group expands throughout the world to become a production benchmark of excellence for some of the top Global Beauty Companies.

The dream was formally realized in December 2022 when the group, previously known as the 'NG Group', evolved into its current name BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding, publicly highlighting the fact that the small company had become, to all intents and purposes, an all-round cosmetics capital.

This symbolic opening ideally coincided with the official announcement of the year in which Brescia was elected, together with Bergamo, the Italian Capital of Culture for 2023. An event to which BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding contributed to by supporting the publication of a prestigious commemorative publication dedicated to the city of Brescia.

For BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding, beauty and culture have always been allies.

Giannantonio and Giancarlo Negretti
Founders of Beauticon Valley®

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