Giannantonio Negretti &

Humanistic Cosmetics

Giannantonio Negretti, the 'enlightened' entrepreneur who 'enlightens' people with a new philosophy: Humanistic Cosmetics.

Giannantonio Negretti is the president of BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding, the network of over 50 companies that, thanks to a unique and integrated supply chain, produces the most innovative and high-quality cosmetic products sold in over 130 countries worldwide. First alongside his father Giancarlo and then independently, Giannantonio Negretti has been at the head of the group for over 30 years, promoting the company's progress in the world of beauty with two essential and differentiating ingredients: scientific development and humanistic research.

Thanks to his innovative and in some ways revolutionary vision in the industry, he is also known as a 'Beauty Pioneer'. A figure who looks beyond traditional business practices, with a totally innovative approach to doing business.

It was with him that the idea of a new Renaissance of Beauty was born, the paradigms of which are narrated in an involving way in his book 'Humanistic Cosmetics', which has become a pillar of the industry due to its direct language and the depth of its messages.

A text, which has in fact become his ideological manifesto, in which he denounces the distance between the promise of happiness, often illusory and luring characteristic of the cosmetic world, and the result that are actually obtained by people, who are very often disappointed with their expectations.

According to Negretti, the new Cosmetics, the one guided by humanistic principles, must instead be based on an ethical encounter between supply and demand to create a sustainable business model in humanistic, economic, and environmental terms.

Humanistic Cosmetics

"Giannantonio Negretti's 'Humanistic Cosmetics' is a thought-provoking idea that also proposes to re-create the entire industry chain by starting from the basics, i.e. from the young people who are steered towards the beauty professions. This is almost always more of a social fallback than a real conscious choice aimed at a perspective of personal evolution.

An obsolete model of education extremely penalising for young people, which Negretti wanted to evolve by creating POLIESTETICO® in Milan, the Italian Academy of Beauty and Cosmetics. An entirely innovative reality, since it is the first Professional Beauty Training Centre in the world that also includes in its teaching staff figures of university calibre to educate young students in a way that is no longer just manual, but also humanistic and scientific.

"Humanistic Cosmetics" is a model of thought that then positively influences not only the activity of POLIESTETICO® di Milano, but also, and above all, the activity of every single company in the BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding network, becoming its inspiration and guide towards a nobler and qualitatively excellent production.

The final effect of all the network's activities in synergy with each other is therefore to operate with a basic approach inspired by the principles codified by Giannantonio Negretti in his book 'Humanistic Cosmetics'. These cornerstones of his thought, which emerged after more than 20 years of humanistic and university research, allow BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding to propose products of excellence and beauty rituals with 5 key objectives in favour of the users of cosmetic products.

The 5 Goals of Humanistic Cosmetics


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