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A humanistic project before an industrial one.

In addition to being an institutional reference point for its subsidiaries, BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding SRL is also a 'Benefit Company', i.e. an organisation that, in addition to its usual industrial sphere, also has as its mission the development of cultural impact activities aimed at ensuring a benefit for the evolution and wellbeing of people around the world, starting from the territory in which it is rooted, i.e. the city of Brescia.

The intrinsic purpose of Beauticon Valley® Holding Società Benefit is also to pursue the happiness of all those who are part of it, through a motivating and satisfying engagement in a prosperous economic activity, supported by a feeling of proud belonging. To achieve this, the mission is to engage in cultural, scientific, humanistic, and solidarity-based actions aimed at the good of the community, starting from the territories in which it is present with its divisions and structures.

BEAUTICON VALLEY® Holding also strives to spread a global culture based on love, respect, ethics, well-being, and beauty.

Brescia double capital

Being the Italian Capital of Culture represents a historic achievement, but for Brescia it is also the perfect seal, affixed to a pair that has always been divisive: arm and mind.

On the one hand, 'Made in Brescia', the fruit of the 'doing' typical of this land, conquers the world. On the other, its cultural excellences have finally been enhanced.

The result is a pride of belonging that updates the famous definition of Brescia as the 'Lioness of Italy'. Fortunately, there are no bloody battles to fight, nor freedom to defend, but the metaphor of the famous feline could not be more apt. It speaks of pride, strength, agility, loyalty and above all beauty. Indeed, Brescia is also the capital of the most symbolic category in this field: cosmetics. And the network of companies that goes under the emblem of 'Beauticon Valley', the holding company that I am honoured to represent, the result of over 60 years of commitment to doing and thinking, is its symbol.

In 2023, Brescia will therefore not only be the Italian Capital of Culture, but also the Italian Capital of Cosmetics. And the Lioness, thanks also to this splendid publication, will again fascinate Italy and the Italians.

Giannantonio Negretti, President of Beauticon Valley Holding srl Società Benefit

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